How to File for Disability in California?

Because the procedures for filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits necessitates California has a lot of time and efforts, many claimants decide on hiring an experienced attorney to represent them. People get stressed and experience different discomforts so knowing best home remedy for heartburn comes in handy. This is also for the fact that more than two-thirds of the total number of disabled workers’ claims were denied due to some reasons such as technicalities and lack of evidence.

Hence, it is such a wise decision for most claimants who want to have stronger cases to seek the aid of qualified Social Security Disability attorneys.


Although the SSA does not require the claimants to have their representatives, some factors in filing a claim that needs an expert’s advice.


These include:


Proper establishment of disability


Gathering of evidence and documents


Making an inquiry to the SSA about the status of the case


Filing an appeal in case of denial


Searching for the best representative to handle your petition is not that hard. You just have to follow these tips and cooperate fully with your chosen advocate to increase your chances of obtaining claim approval.


Call the California State Bar Association for a list of attorneys or law firms handling Social Security cases. This will ensure you that you will be able to choose a legal professional who has no records of professional misconduct. You may also try other referrals from your trusted relatives and friends who have already succeeded in obtaining their benefits from the SSA.


Make sure that your attorney is familiar with the SSA list of accepted impairments and the rules for filing the claim. He should also know how to make a medical evaluation and calculate the number of your possible benefits.


Have a check on your attorney’s record of achievements and case winnings. Do not settle for those representatives who do not have the specialization in this field of practice.


Determine the manner of professional fees payment that your attorney is offering. In this particular case, it would be better to choose a lawyer who works on contingency basis wherein you will only be charged if your claim was approved and you already have your money.


Hire an attorney California who knows how to take care and listen to the concerns of his clients. Proper communication is imperative in this type of cases.


Be sure that your attorney fully understands your case. You should completely discuss all the information that surrounds your case with your attorney so that he may be able to devise a plan that will increase the merits of your case.


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